Andrew B Holmes is a figurative and abstract painter.

After gaining a Graphic Arts Degree in 1980, Andrew worked as a freelance illustrator collaborating on commercial projects in advertising, design, TV and film, until 2008 when he returned to his interest in painting. Andrew’s experience in design has influenced his art practice, which is centered on a curiosity in aesthetic appreciation together with a core methodology to develop and challenge his own work.

Andrew believes in forming an early understanding and value for a traditional approach to the subjects of still life, the landscape and figure drawing. For still life, he has focused his attention on cakes and food where paintings describe conventional studies in form and content, but using these as metaphors to describe the human conditions of desire and temptation. His landscape pieces are a simple exercise in Realism painting deriving from journeys along the river Thames, time spent in Europe and, particularly, the compelling city of Venice.

It was during this earlier period (2008-2010) that Andrew’s paintings and edition prints were exhibited through an art publisher in a number of independent galleries. In 2013, in response to an invitation from a Miami gallery, Andrew re-visited the subject of still life with the production of larger paintings for his first solo show in the USA.

While Andrew’s still life and landscape works continued to be exhibited in London, the wider UK and international art fairs, he successfully submitted work to several open exhibitions with his specific interest in traditional figurative painting in mind: in 2009 he was selected for the Royal Institute of Oil Painters Annual Open Exhibition and The New English Art Club at the Mall Galleries in London. He exhibited with the ROI every year until 2014, and in 2015 he was invited to show in the ING Discerning Eye Exhibition.

Andrew continued to collaborate on commercial projects while his art practice was developing. The production of a series of figurative bather pieces, including ‘Boy bathing’, painted in 2014, became the first of his paintings to be produced in oil on wood panel. Andrew chose this subject as he was influenced by his own experiences as a child in Europe and an adult in the Caribbean. Between late 2014 and early 2015, Andrew stayed with the bather theme, producing a group of paintings of a dog in water. This ‘figures in water’ series was exhibited in London, followed by a solo show in a contemporary gallery in Portsmouth, UK.

While work progressed on the ‘figures in water’, Andrew began producing paintings obliquely examining beauty by using a formal view of generic young women. A further group of paintings - ‘white dress figures’ - were executed as study pieces and, as a comment on the sensibilities of a secular middle class, they share some of the same values as ‘generic girls’. Andrew’s interest in Abstract developed at Art School but it was in 2009 he began making non-representational artworks with photography and digital imaging. By 2014 he was producing the first pieces using conventional paint techniques and referencing the language of abstract expressionism. He continues to use both figurative and abstract forms in an inquiry into the aesthetic and emotional aspects of his work.

Born 1959 in Kent, England, Andrew lives and works in London.

Selected galleries and exhibitions


Thompson’s Gallery, London, UK.

Alexander Gallery, Bath, UK.


ING Discerning Eye. Mall Galleries, London. Invitation.

Panter & Hall, AAF Battersea, London and AAF New York.

Jack House Gallery, Portsmouth, UK. Solo show.

Alexander Gallery, Bath, UK.


Panter & Hall, AAF Battersea, London and Singapore & Hong Kong.

127th ROI Annual Open Exhibition, Mall Galleries, London.

Medici Gallery, Cork Street, London

Alexander Gallery, Bath, UK.


Panter & Hall, Pall Mall, London.

126th ROI Annual Open Exhibition, Mall Galleries, London.

Alexander Gallery, Bath, UK.

Unix Gallery, Miami, Florida, USA. Solo show.

Blackheath Gallery, London.


125th ROI Annual Open Exhibition, Mall Galleries, London.

Blackheath Gallery, London.


Christmas, Blackheath Gallery, London.

124th ROI Annual Open Exhibition, Mall Galleries, London.

NEAC Annual Exhibition, Mall Galleries, London.

Spring, Blackheath Gallery, London, UK.


35th Christmas exhibition Blackheath Gallery, London.

123rd ROI Annual Open Exhibition, Mall Galleries, London.


National Open Art Competition, Minerva Gallery, Chichester.

NEAC Open Exhibition, Mall Galleries, London.

122nd ROI Annual Open Exhibition, Mall Galleries, London.

2008 – 2010

DeMontfort Fine Art, Whitewall UK franchised and independent galleries.

Experience & education

2008 – 2016. visual artist.

1980-2016. Freelance graphic artist and illustrator.

1976-1980. MSIAD, Faculty of Art and Design, Cornwall, UK.